About Hill Ggin

Hill Ggin is a New Orleans born and raised artist. She attended The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts for high school and is currently pursuing her BFA in fine art at New York University.
As racial and political tensions become ever more daunting, as tragedies fall in ever quicker succession, it seems the sole intent of the greater art world is to document and respond to history as it happens. Hill rejects this idea: not because she doesn’t believe that global events are art-worthy, but because she believes that art should be a relief and not a reminder.
Her audience is called to focus on the art itself, to remove themselves from the stresses of politics, the environment, and their own turmoil. It is an invitation to forget for a moment everything that has gone wrong and to rid ourselves of those terrors.

For information on comissions, or to purchase an existing piece, contact Hill via the Contact tab.

She can also be reached via email at contact@hillggin.com